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02/03/02 17:16

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I hope to create a site for the reference of carpet complaints & problems with information on perhaps what the cause was,  why &  how they occur. Cleaning instructions and methods. 

The different styles. The methods used to produce a carpet. All gleamed from trade journals and my own words in order to  ( A sad sad hobby really.) assist others. Here's the place to hopefully find out what the problems are and I also hope to log cleaning instructions for various types of carpets by different manufacturers. I will also reproduce The NEW  guidelines as suggested by the Carpet Council and what its all about. I also intend to put in links to other informational carpet and related sites.

In this way if you do have a problem you will not allow yourself to be fobbed off and will know and understand more than the average assistant.
If you have any advice or information then please email me. Help DON'T HinderPlease

Please NOTE all Articles and Information are given WITHOUT PREJUDICE. These pages were created and are maintained entirely for the assistance and reference of myself and others, I derive no profit from it and no Copyright infringement is intended.


There are many forms of problems one can experience with a carpet from a yarn, manufacturing and customer point of view. The main problem occurs in HOW the perceived problem is dealt with.

The chain of purchase:- Consumer - Retailer - Wholesaler - Manufacturer - Yarn spinner - Raw material. Can prolong the identification as to the cause of them and who will be responsible.

The Consumer is usually the only one in the chain with little to no knowledge but the greatest amount of expectation as to wear and appearance usually irrespective as to the cost paid for the product.

The Retailer is the main link in the chain. At the same time the weakest. The Retailer must ensure he is keeping himself abreast of the latest developments. Independent stores should normally be in a better position to obtain this information provided the suppliers of the carpet have well informed representatives who are trained to impart their knowledge.

The reasoning behind this is one of being a skeptic. The Independent Retailer is just that, Independent. He can normally pick & choose what is in his premises.

The chain superstore style retailer is in the hands of Head Office, “ You will push this product “ “We must clear this range”. Also what has been noticed is that they have the power to push manufacturers down the line of producing ranges of carpets that are the same or as near as the same colour occasionally using the same name as a regular established ranges but at lower specifications.

The poor consumer trudges around trying to gain competitive estimates thinking all is the same, probably gained more advise from the independent Retailer but then bought on price alone.

Hence the expectation on performance is high, the advise given may have been correct but the consumer has lost, and in the end so has the carpet business as a whole for trying to be too clever by half.

The Retailer must ensure that all staff are trained to a high standard in order that they may impart advice based on the information they must try to extract (sometimes it’s like pulling teeth ) from a consumer who is reticent in wanting to discuss his / her situation, requirements and expectations on a purchase they usually have to make rather than want to make.

The majority of problems do not interest the customer as they are not interested in what the  potential problems are and perhaps how they occur.

Any way enough of my ramblings, I hope you enjoy my site.Go back